“Question: do you not have eyes,” Rosalind asked curtly, arms cross over her chest, “or are you just completely new to walking?”


"Rosalind, charming as always," Benvolio replied with a bemused expression.

thisisthysheath asked:"Juliet stared wide-eyed at the man standing before her. Her heart raced as she took his appearance in. "Benvolio?""

Benvolio glanced up as someone said his name. Opening his mouth to respond, the words stuck in his throat when he saw the speaker. Juliet… it couldn’t be. She was dead, back in the vault in Verona… wasn’t she? “Yeah, it’s me,” he finally answered, his voice weak.

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Evan Peters

Lord Capulet:

Nathan Fillion

The Nurse:

Betty White


Logan Lerman

Friar Laurence:

Robert Carlyle


Daniel Ratcliffe

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